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Student Health Services

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Student Health Services operates an outpatient primary healthcare facility for students. In addition to providing medical care for illnesses and injuries, a team of medical professionals are actively involved in campus health education. The staff helps students better understand the nature and causes of medical problems and injuries, the importance of treatment and prevention. To promote lifelong wellness and to support academic success, students are encouraged to learn how to reduce their risk of disease and injury and to make appropriate lifestyle choices.

Student Health Services Staff

The Student Health Services staff includes a board-certified family physician, a board certified emergency medicine physician and certified nurse practitioners. A nurse practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse with a master’s degree in nursing and advanced clinical education (usually two years) in a health specialty, such as primary care. NPs are board certified with ongoing continuing education requirements similar to that of physicians, and also have pharmacy prescriptive privileges. The staff also includes an office manager and a licensed practical nurse who serves as a triage nurse. There are always at least two health care providers available to see patients Monday through Friday during business hours.

Student Health Services Hours of Operation

Student Health Services is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and again from 1:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. We are currently having Saturday hours from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. on a 90 day trial basis. It is understood that students have schedules to keep and given this, students are encouraged to make appointments whenever possible. Emergencies are always given priority. Service is provided for all medical problems from the most mundane to the more complex. Should a specialty referral be necessary, arrangements can be made. Student Health Services is a “specialist” in caring for the college-age population and promotes wellness through counseling and education regarding positive health behaviors.

After-hour options

After-hours coverage is provided by the family physicians at Fort Lincoln Family Medicine Center. If a student has a medical problem or injury that cannot wait until routine office hours, the student should call the Providence Hospital operator at 202-269-7000 and identify himself or herself as a CUA student. The family practice physician will either give phone advice or ask the student to report to the emergency room at Providence Hospital. The student may also choose to visit any local emergency room of their choice. These instructions are on the Student Health Services answering machine and website. Providence Hospital is a Catholic community hospital run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and is located within one mile of the university.

Fees and Billing

There is no charge to be seen at Student Health Services. There are, however, fees for on-site lab testing, nebulization treatments and certain medical supplies. These fees are billed to student accounts.
All students are required by the university to have health insurance coverage. Health insurance is not required for visits to Student Health Services but is required for any lab or X-ray studies requested by the physician or nurse practitioner. Any medical care received outside of Student Health Services is the responsibility of the student. Check the details of your health insurance coverage. Students who purchase the student health insurance plan can access the details of their coverage in an on-line brochure. All students need to have a duplicate or a photocopy of their insurance card. All students, regardless of their insurance carrier, are eligible to be seen at Student Health Services.

Emergency Notifications

When students have a significant illness or injury, they are encouraged to sign a consent form that gives the Student Health Services staff permission to speak with their families. If the student desires, a call can be initiated. University policy requires all students to report and update as necessary, current local and home (permanent) addresses and emergency contact information. New students will be prompted to enter this information when accessing Cardinal Station.


All health service records are confidential. No medical information will be released, either verbally or in writing, without the patient’s written permission. This restriction on information release applies to parents, faculty and university staff. Student Health Services does not have an overnight infirmary. If a student is felt to be too ill to return to the residence halls, he or she will be referred to the emergency room. The provider will request the student’s permission to contact the Dean of Student’s office, and the student is encouraged to contact their parent or emergency contact to transport.


Student Health Services has an on-site pharmacy system. Students are able to obtain filled prescriptions for
many medications at the time of their visit. Since April 1, 2003, a federal law, HIPAA, prohibits Student Health Services from utilizing a student’s prescription benefit as a method of payment. The student’s prescription can be dispensed at the time of the visit and the cash amount billed to their student account. A receipt is given to the student at the time the medications are dispensed. They can use this to try to seek reimbursement from their insurance company. Student Health Services cannot guarantee reimbursement. If the student chooses, a written prescription may be given that can be filled at any local pharmacy of the student’s choice. There are two pharmacies located within walking distance of the university; one is located within the CVS store at 3601 12th Street, N.E. (202-529-8559) and the other is located at Providence Hospital (202-269-7856).


In compliance with the Immunization Law of the District of Columbia, The Catholic University of America requires immunization documentation for all students under the age of 26. The specific requirements and the University policy can be reviewed here.
A late fee determined by the annual institutional fee structure will be assigned to a student’s account if the records are received late or are received and are incomplete. The records must be submitted on the required immunization form which can be reviewed here and must be sent directly to Student Health Services.
Please see our website if you have any further questions regarding immunizations.


A student who has not provided documentation of immunity to Student Health Services as required by this policy jeopardizes their continued enrollment at the University. A restrictive hold will be placed on that student’s account on the add/drop deadline date preventing registration for the following semester until the above noted documentation has been provided.