The Catholic University of America

Student Medical Insurance


Medical Insurance is required for all students who are billed for 12 or more credits (domestic) and all international students. Unless a waiver is submitted online prior to the deadline, students will be enrolled. Evidence of alternate coverage must be provided through the online waiver process in order to avoid a charge being placed on your tuition bill. The University does not require that students participate in a particular plan, but another plan must meet certain minimum requirements that differ for domestic and international students. Students will be able to waive coverage online beginning July 31, 2017 and ending at midnight on Septemeber 10, 2017. Instructions can be found on the student insurance web page. The fee for the student medical insurance will be placed on the student's tuition bill. The charge will only be removed if they go through the waiver process or they do not fall within the required category as discussed above.
Required students who do not complete the online waiver process by September 10, 2017 will be automatically enrolled in the CUA student medical insurance and will be billed accordingly. Domestic students who are billed for a minimum of one credit may voluntarily choose to enroll in the Aetna plan by enrolling here. The charge will be placed on the student's tuition bill. 
Students who are covered by an outside plan should make sure to waive enrollment online before Septmeber 10, 2017.
Please note that students not enrolled for courses as a Graduate, Undergraduate, or Law School student are not eligible to enroll in the student medical insurance; even if on an approved medical or academic leave. If a student enrolls online, they will be removed from coverage without notification. Students who are approved for a medical or academic leave of absence 31 days after the start of the semester will remain covered under the plan for the policy year.