The Catholic University of America

Emergency Preparedness Response & Recovery

The Catholic University of America maintains an emergency response plan designed to address the issues of preparation, response and recovery for all emergencies. During university emergencies the Department of Public Safety provides for the safety of students, staff, faculty and visitors and the security of property. Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) have been identified to accomplish the mission of handling emergencies in a manner consistent with the District Response Plan (DRP). The department manages and coordinates law enforcement activities and provides personnel, equipment, and security in support of the university ESFs. Each ESF is managed by a professional level staff member. Mitigation, preparedness and training are ongoing activities.

Emergency Preparedness

Additional resources may be found at:
-Safety First, Safety Always
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University Emergency Plan
The university maintains an updated emergency preparedness and response plan that identifies potential emergency scenarios and establishes trained personnel, systems, processes, policies, procedures and alternative facilities to effectively respond to and recover from an emergency. An interdisciplinary team of professionals monitors and updates the action and response plan, in collaboration with local and federal organizations and other institutions. In the event of an emergency, proper and timely action is taken to protect the health and welfare of all members of the campus community and guests and to protect against threats or actions that could undermine the safety of persons or property. Appropriate updates regarding a significant emergency situation are made available to the campus community and parents via the University Website.